Measuring SEO WorkThere are many off-line marketing tactics to help drive clients to your local search engine optimization agency. One of the most popular and hands down one of the most effective ways to do so is to go to local Chamber of Commerce meetings and local BNI meetings. The reasoning behind is largely due to the fact that this is where local businesses meet. If you go to a place where local businesses meet then often times you are meeting with the decision-makers themselves. If you are meeting and talking with the decision-makers and you do not have to go to the gatekeeper in order to pitch your services to the decision-maker who will in the end make the decision for the business. Another reason why this is such a good place to go and meet local businesses largely due to the fact that it helps to get your name out and the more publicity you can drive toward your business than the more clientele and the more people in general will know by your business.

    The bigger your businesses and the more room it has to grow. The more your business grows and the more revenue you will be able to generate and the more income you will be able to have. One hint I can give you about these local businesses is to get a sales rep that works off commissions so that they go to these local business meetings and acquire new clients for you, if you’d like more information about this visit and they’ll be happy to fill you in on any information you may need further info on. One way that I have found to get these local sales reps to work twice as hard is to give them 85% of the first month’s payment as their commission. After that you can give them 10% of the reoccurring payments for the life of the client. This will get them out there and working very hard to bring you in clients because the rewards they will be receiving for doing so is so high.

    The next week go about driving new clients to your businesses through cold calling. Cold calling is one of the more difficult manners and ways about getting new clients. The reason why this is so hard is largely due to the fact that when you call these local businesses you are often greeted by a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is a person who answers the phone call and often times scheduled appointments for the actual business owner in decision-maker. In order to get the gatekeeper you oftentimes need to repeatedly call or somehow trick them into allowing you to speak with the decision-maker. If you are using a tricky way to get in touch with decision-maker often times is not a good first impression you must always remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. Often times if you are going to be cold calling you will want to hire a team that will work for you on both commissions and by the call. If you pay someone let’s say $.25 per call they make and you pay them 50% commissions on every call they close and they will be more productive and often times makes for more phone calls and close more clients because once again the initiative to do so is very high.

    This is still one of the more lease effective ways to go about it but if you have a team that works for you that are known for their sales abilities than this can also be a very lucrative way and very manageable way to bring in new clients to your business on a monthly if not weekly basis. One final way that I would recommend going about getting clients from an off-line basis is through street sign marketing. When I say street sign marketing I’m not referring to billboards but I am referring to the smaller bandit signs that can be placed at the corner of busy intersections or on street poles. The key to this is having it very clear and concise as to what services you render but you also must give them some kind of an incentive for participating in contacting you or researching your website. For example you can offer a special discount such as bandit20 for a 20% discount because they saw it through a bandit sign. The key to using the science is to place them out on a Friday evening.

    The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that the individuals that go out throughout the town or county that you place them do not work on the weekends and these people are the individuals who go around the corner to corner and pull down all the bandit signs because they are an eyesore. This is why you need to make sure you put them out on a Friday night after they get off work so that you can have them up during the high-traffic times of the weekends, this is something that was pioneered by Detroit SEO Pro a few years back and everyone else has been slowly catching on due to it’s great success. Also because of this you may get lucky and the individuals may not get around to them the following week so you make it to have your bandit signs out for an extended period of time to generate the most amount of traffic passing them. Of course this is 100% dictated by the individual themselves and how willing they are to go out and get clients to help bring in income to their business.